Is it Better to Repair or Replace a Roof?

Is It Better to Repair or Replace a Roof Clawson, MI

We understand that roof replacement is an investment in your home. Yet, sometimes it can be difficult to decide if a roof repair may be all you need. Continue reading to learn if it's better to repair or replace a roof. For more information, request a quote from our Oakland County, MI roofing contractors.

Roof Repair

Depending on the condition of your roof, a repair can be a permanent or temporary fix. For example, you may need a temporary roof repair to tide you over until the weather clears. We often get called for emergency roof repair after rainstorms and high winds.

Sometimes we may only need to replace a few roof shingles to make your home watertight. Other times, you may need a more extensive repair. If the cost of repair rivals that of replacement, you may be better off with a new roof. Some reasons to repair your roof are more obvious than others, but here are some examples:

  • Severe Leaking
  • Sunlight coming in
  • Too much moisture
    • Sometimes it's not obvious if moisture is getting through your roof especially if it gets stuck in your insulation or soaks into things in your attic.
  • Beveled ceiling
    • A beveled ceiling means you’ve had water damage for a long time in one specific spot. This weakens the ceiling and increases the likelihood of more/worse damage.
  • Color changes
    • The longer leaks go on the more likely you’ll see the paint on your ceilings/walls discolor. They will likely be a yellowish, grey, or brown color.
  • Abnormally expensive energy bill
    • If there’s a breach in your roof heat and air conditioning can escape through it just like water and light can come in. This will keep those systems running longer to compensate for the loss, costing you more money in the long run.

Emergency Roof Repair

There's little else you can do during a rain storm but call our roofing contractors. Once the rain subsides, it'll be safe enough for us to inspect your roof. Do NOT try to climb onto the roof yourself, especially when it's raining. It's not worth slipping and falling off your roof, risking serious injury. Instead, wait for our roofing contractors to arrive.

A leaking roof is an emergency. The longer you wait to call our roofing contractors, the more water will drip into your home. Water damage only gets worse with time, which is why you should call us as soon as you notice your roof is leaking.

Roof Replacement

It's important to remember that your roof shields your home from the elements. Yet, shingles can get damaged by debris thrown by high winds, ice dams, and lack of maintenance. Are the roof shingles starting to curl or buckle? Does your roof look discolored from the street? These are both signs you may need roof replacement.

Have the other houses on your street had their roofs recently replaced? If so, you may need roof replacement sooner than you think. Property developers tend to build entire neighborhoods at once. This means that your home (and roof) is approximately the same age as your neighbors'.

How Long Does a Roof Last in Michigan?

How long your roof lasts will depend on installation, materials, and maintenance. For example, asphalt architectural shingles can last up to 30 years. The quality of installation will also affect the lifespan of residential roofing. This is why our roofing contractors pay attention to the smallest of details. When done right, roof replacement is a lasting investment in your home.

Still unsure if you need roof replacement? Schedule a time for one of our roofing contractors to come out to your home. We'll inspect the condition of your roof to determine if you need repair or replacement. The best times to schedule roof replacement are late spring, summer, and early fall.

Request a Consultation

Our roofing contractors in Oakland County, MI can help you restore your home with a new roof. Ready to request a consultation for roof replacement or repair? Call Kastler Construction, Inc. at (248) 655-5580.

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