How to Create More Space with the Right Home Addition

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Are you feeling cramped in your current living space, but aren’t willing to part from your home? Homes can hold so many good memories that make moving difficult when you need more space. Rather than starting fresh in a new home, a home addition may be the perfect option for your living space.

Either way, an experienced Oakland County home building contractor can help you decide the best way to expand your home.

1.) Adding an Extra Bedroom

Whether you are expecting a new addition to your family or having an aging parent move in, a spare bedroom can give you the space you need while still being able to stay in your home.

An extra bedroom, or guest room, can also come in handy for when relatives are staying over, especially during the holiday season.

Whatever you decide to do with an extra bedroom, many homeowners appreciate having the extra space in their homes. This space creates options when new opportunities come up too, like having a foreign exchange student stay with you or letting one of your children’s friends crash for a while.

If the room gets little use, it will always be available for things like storage, or other recreational opportunities like a workout room or home cinema.

2.) Expanding a Kitchen

A big family requires a big kitchen. Not only do you need space to prepare meals, but you also need enough storage space for food, bulky kitchen appliances, and other kitchen overflow items.

It’s hard to use your kitchen when there’s too much clutter on the kitchen countertops. This is why many homeowners decide to build pantries or storage rooms off of their kitchens.

Expanded kitchens generally turn a kitchen space into a more social area, so that during parties or while you have guests over, people feel comfortable hanging out and enjoying each other’s company. With an expanded kitchen, you’ll be able to have more countertop space for things like snacks and drinks, which helps keep the environment friendly and welcoming.

A knowledgeable Oakland home building contractor can help you determine the best way to expand your kitchen. It may be to add an island in your kitchen or push out a wall so that there’s more space to show off your cooking skills. There are countless possibilities!

3.) An Attic Conversion

What’s cozier than an attic bedroom tucked under the eaves of your home?

Not only does converting your attic create more space in your home, but it also makes better use of the room you already have.

Right now, your attic may be a storage place where you only hide boxes and holiday decorations, but it could be a place that does that and more.

Imagine if your attic was a private study or reading room where you could go to get away for a few hours, and it had a designated spot for storage.

Your home remodeling contractor will make sure that your attic has the necessary support for everyday foot traffic too!

4.) Sitting Back in a Sunroom

Sunrooms are perfect for people who want to enjoy the outdoors without having to actually be outside.

While sunrooms may not be for everyone, they do help bring more natural light to your home.

Adding a sunroom means you have to be mindful of outdoor temperatures to ensure that the room is enjoyable year-round. This often means having secondary heating and air conditioning sources to regulate the temperature of your sunroom specifically.

Sunrooms are also really popular for stargazing or activities like late-night cards. Without having to embrace the cold winds, people are able to sit back, relax, and enjoy one another’s company easier. If you plan on staying in your home for years to come, you may be interested in building a sunroom.

5.) An Additional Living Room

An added living room may be the perfect space to entertain guests or hang out with family.

Added living rooms make it easier to host social gatherings because they give people space to hang out and not feel like they have to talk over everyone.

As a parent, an added living room may also be nice for your family because it could give your kids a space to hang out while you’re trying to relax.

The overall return on investment for home additions depends on how the new space adds to the functionality and beauty of your home, so we recommend having your added living room also reveal the outdoors in a way the rest of your home doesn’t.

Are You Trying to Add on to Your Home?

If you’re looking to add to your home, check out our home addition services. We can handle any kind of home addition, from bathroom remodels to indoor movie theaters. Feel free to call our Oakland County home builders at (248) 655-5580 or contact us online for a home addition consultation. Kastler Construction, Inc. works hard to build more living space in your home for both you and your family to enjoy.