How Do I Choose a Front Door Color?

How Do I Choose a Front Door Color Clawson, MI

Having trouble choosing a front door color?

When done right, exterior doors transcend simple utility and enter the realm of art and beauty. A masterfully crafted door belongs in an art gallery but it can also grace the exterior of your home, welcoming guests and inviting them to imagine the sanctuary that lies within.

A luxury front door reveals the character of its owners, whether it showcases meticulous attention to detail, warmth, or sophistication. Each door features exceptional quality, bestowing your home with a refined air and polished elegance.

You have the opportunity to create a lasting impression with an exquisite work of art. But first, you’ll need to commit to a front door color.

Let’s get started.

Use a Traditional Color Palette

Navy, charcoal gray, rich wood tones, and other neutrals are perfect for accenting a traditional home. A traditional color palette gives your home a classic, timeless style.

Neutral-colored front doors are also highly versatile. This makes it easier to achieve a certain look for your home if you decide to later upgrade your windows, landscaping, lighting, or other outdoor features.

Be Bold

The color you choose for your exterior front door should not only complement your home, but your own personal style. For example, you may feel drawn to brighter colors if you’re extroverted or creative.

Aren’t sure if you’re ready to take the plunge? Consider warm front door colors (like red, orange, and yellow) in darker shades. For example, a burgundy front door can be a welcome pop of color that won’t shock you like fire engine red.

A splash of unexpected color can make your home feel more inviting.

Consider Monochrome

Do you wish your home looked more fresh, modern, and expansive? A white front door may be your best option.

Light colors will help your home seem more spacious and airy from the outside, especially when you use the same color for your trim and siding. This simple trick can help make the most of your home’s curb appeal, giving it a grand presence in the neighborhood.

If you want your home to look more luxurious, consider a black front door. A black door brings strong energy to your home, as well as a touch of mystery. If the rest of your home’s exterior is relatively light, a black front door will certainly make a statement.

Honor Your Home’s Architectural Style

We love and appreciate how historical homes honor the past. But owning a historical home comes with unique challenges and responsibilities.

A historical home is an interactive time capsule. As such, it’s essential that you select a front door that reflects and celebrates its architectural style.

The good news is that we offer a wide variety of door styles for you to choose from while shopping luxury brands.

Even if you don’t own a historical home, you’ll still want to be faithful to your home’s architectural style and expression.

Some examples of architectural styles include:

  • Coastal
  • Colonial
  • Craftsman
  • European
  • Modern
  • Southwest
  • Traditional
  • Victorian

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team of designers if you have a specific idea in mind.

Get Inspiration From Mother Nature

Mother Nature often knows best. If you have no idea what color you should choose, look to the outdoors for inspiration.

Compare different shades of green, blue, and brown until you find a color that resonates with your personal style. For example, people often associate light sage green with calmness, nature, and peace.

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