7 Creative Ideas for Your Finished Basement

7 Creative Ideas for Your Finished Basement Clawson, MI

Many homeowners never realize the potential that lies just beneath their feet. Finishing your basementnot only increases your living space but also adds value to your home. According to the National Association of Realtors, homeowners can expect a 69% return on investment for basement remodels. 

Why not remodel your basement then? You’ll get to enjoy it and it only adds value to your home! As your Oakland County building remodelers, we’re excited to tell you about everything from home theaters to an extra living room.

1. Home Gym

After a long day at work, it can be hard finding the motivation to go all the way to the gym. However, with a home gym, all you have to do is walk downstairs. Basement home gymsare convenient, private, and customizable for your personal fitness goals. 

For example, our basement remodelers can help you design and build a space that will accommodate exercise equipment like treadmills, weight benches, squat stations, and more. We recommend installing durable flooring like rubber or carpet tiles that will be able to absorb impact and require little maintenance.

2. Entertainment Center

A basement renovation contractor will be able to design the perfect space for your basement entertainment center. To ensure you have the perfect movie-watching experience, a contractor will make sure something like a home theater is located away from sources of light, noise, and walkways to avoid fields of view being interrupted.

As an added bonus most people don’t think about, our noteworthy contractors are also able to install soundproof carpets and custom drywall so you can experience movies the same way you would in the theater. 

This is a popular option for parents with kids in highschool or college that like to stay up late and play video games or watch shows. The soundproof spaces dilute the noise so that a grenade in that action-packed film doesn’t shock you awake. 

The home entertainment center can also be used for more than just movies. Things like dance parties or music jamming spaces are also popular options. 

3. Apartment Style 

It costs less money to remodel your basementthan it does to build an addition to your home. For this reason, more and more homeowners are deciding to add basement bedrooms with personal kitchensand personal bathrooms as a way to accommodate guests. Adding a bedroom or bathroom to your basement costs less than a home addition because the walls, floor, and ceiling are already built. 

The apartment-style additions have become extremely popular for people looking to rent out space to their home on something like Airbnb. Keep in mind that to make your bedroom code-compliant, you may need to cut through the foundation to install an egress window (emergency exit).

4. The Basement Bar

Skip the local bar and enjoy having all your favorite beers on tap in your very own basement bar. Whether you want to casually hang out with friends or if you’re throwing a party, a basement bar is a perfect backdrop for get-togethers. Unlike at the neighborhood bar, you never have to worry about unwanted company or long lines for the bathroom. 

An added perk to the basement bar is that everything is customizable. You can adjust the temperature in your home, the music that’s playing (not to mention the volume of it!) and even the snacks and treats you have to eat. A basement bar allows you to entertain yourself, and your guests, in style.

5. Your Home Office

Since basements are located beneath the main living space, they muffle a lot of sound. If you work from home, or bring your work home with you, you may benefit from a basement home office. Working in a basement office removes you from many of the distractions that happen in the kitchen and living room. 

A remodeled basement also gives you the opportunity to customize your workspace and make it look professional for conducting business meetings or for simply maintaining a productive mentality. A basement contractor will make sure your home office has everything you need, from internet connection to plenty of light.

6. Spa Time

Maybe you want to transform your basement into an at-home spa complete with a sauna, jacuzzi hot tub, and a massage table/area with plenty of candles and hot rocks. Similar to the basement bar, there’s so much versatility to your spa. You could include a yoga studio, a space for face masks and other cosmetic luxuries, and more. 

7. A Spacious Guest Space

If you have family/friends in from out of town that need a place to stay you could convert your basement (or part of it, depending on the size) to a guest room/suite. This way you can provide somewhere for them to stay while giving them some privacy and autonomy.

You could include a bed or two, a table with some chairs, and even a fireplace with a pile of cozy blankets. Whether you choose just this option or a combination with something else, the expert designers of Kastler Construction can help you with your basement remodeling.

Ready to Upgrade Your Basement?

If you’re looking to remodel your basement don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us online or by phone at (248) 655-5580. As your Oakland County home remodelers, Kastler Construction Inc. is here to set you up with a consultation so that you’re more than confident about your remodeling dreams. 

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